All of the visuals for Post- have been created in collaboration with Yiseul LeMieux. What began as listening sessions, conversation, and facial sketches developed into a a wide-ranging and deeply interconnected component of the project. The musical component of Post- explores gray areas of electronic and acoustic sound, of performative and generative music, and of the deep interweaving of digital technologies in our personal lives and sense of self in the world. From original artwork that has accompanied every component of the album to physical merchandise and a video interpretation of ‘These patterns,’ Yiseul’s contributions to Post- have explored parallel themes while also using the deeply entwined musical collaboration between Begin and Friend as both source material and formal structure. Her deeply musical and wholly inventive approach has become an integral and ongoing part of the project.


Yiseul LeMieux is a Korean-born artist living in New York City. Her work transcends disciplinary boundaries, often bringing together components in numerous media to create vivid narratives and alternative realities. She collaborates frequently with her partner Masson LeMieux, as well as with other artists, and her work often has a special focus on direct audience engagement and community feedback. LeMieux’s disinterest with conventional boundaries between various media, between the artist and the viewer/listener, and the creative and receptive process are a part of her larger creative vision. She locates herself within a global network of entities — a world of unconventional interchangeability and a rejection of assigned values. The artist is interchangeable with another human, an animal, a vegetable, and/or a mug, et cetera. This ethos of interchangeability allows her to explore the infinite potential both of herself and of the entire world around her.

Yiseul grew up in a rural area before moving to Seoul and eventually to the United States. Starting out with studies in classical piano and jazz, she eventually began composing her own music before expanding her artistic practice into the broader vision it embodies today. She studied music at North Texas University, McNeese University, and Louisiana State University, and most recently received a masters degree from the New School in New York City, where she focused on multidisciplinary projects. Her recent work includes multimedia installations, live performance, immersive exhibitions, graphic and textile design, experimental playwriting, photography, and video.

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